What Are The Major Types Of Construction?

Everyone comes across a building and uses it every day. But most people do not know how the buildings are constructed, or the type of construction used to make them a whole structure. Various policies control different construction types, and it is significant to identify the group in which your project falls. 

Software for building estimation ensures you do not make errors when coming up with a proposal for a construction project. Perfect knowledge of your structure’s construction type is essential to define services like the red cross completely. Assessing the critical perceptions of your project from a constructive and engineering point of view helps us to address our shared understanding of construction. 

The Meaning Of Construction Type

The construction type of building refers to how a structure is resistant to fire. The construction type also involves the constructional members’ and non-load-bearing factors of the building. 

The materials and design you decide to use on your building impact a structure’s resistance to fire, earthquakes, and other linked events, affecting the construction type. 

There are five main construction types well-known in the construction sector.

The Importance Of Construction Type In Your Building 

Knowing the construction type to use in your building is essential for firefighters and those accessing the building. Firefighters’ ease of access to a building clarifies the construction type; it helps them quickly identify where they will start to prevent the spread of fire. 

Knowing how fire spreads helps in making serious decisions on ventilation and water. An observed decision of construction types helps reduce deaths in case of a fire in a building. 

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The construction type also impacts the building’s durability to unexpected calamities like earthquakes. Equally, to how employees are aware of accidents during construction, they should also stay alert to how their job impacts the building’s future security. 

Five Different Major Types Of Construction 

  1. Fire Resistive

Fire-resistive structures are high-rise residential and business buildings. In most cases, these buildings are made from concrete and steel and are grouped as the strongest in the event of a fire. They can hold out against high temperatures for more extended periods. 

These classifications apply to roof and floor build-ups, internal partitions, bearing, and pillar walls. Some of these buildings contain repressed stairwells to prevent the spread of fire.

2. Non-Combustible

Most of these current chain store buildings and shopping malls are in the category of non-combustible buildings. These buildings are made extensively from floaty concrete, metals, and brickwork, mainly non-combustible. However, there might be combustible materials used as foam and rubber.   

The equipment used in these structures is made to burn slowly, which results in fuel for the fire. In the event of a fire, firefighters aerate these buildings using roll-up doors to a building’s exterior parts. 

3. Ordinary Type

Ordinary types of construction are also referred to as brick and joist buildings. These constructions have walls made from bricks, wooden roofs, and floors that are not combative to fire. Most of the time, all or sections of the interior components, like frames, floors, and ceilings, are built from flammable materials.

Examples of these structures include schools and residential and small business buildings. 

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4. Heavy Timber Type 

Firefighters can quickly identify these structures as they are made from timber walls and roof spans. The timber components are solid or laminated and must be suitable for dimensional demands. 

Structures in this category include; old factories, churches, and residential houses. 

5. Wood-Framed Type

Most of the current houses are in this classification. They are classified as heavy timber because they use flammable materials for the walls and roof. Firefighters can prevent the spread of fire from these buildings because they are well aired from the wood frames.       


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