How Long Will Your Guinea Pig Live?


One of the most cherished pets in the universe is the guinea pig. They require regular social engagement and attention because they are entertaining, friendly, affectionate, inquisitive, and delicate pets. Although they don’t live as long as dogs or cats, they are usually highly resilient and disease-resistant. 
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What about the lifespan of guinea pigs? The breeding, feeding, housing, and medical treatment of the Guinea pig are only a few variables that affect its lifespan. But occasionally, elements outside anyone’s influence could also be at play.

How Long Will Your Guinea Pig Live?

The average lifespan of a modern domesticated Guinea is five to eight years. The Guinea pig can theoretically live a few more years if it’s fortunate enough to prevent difficulties from any age-related disorders. Still, its lifetime has a practical limit that it won’t surpass. Although it is challenging to pinpoint the precise nature of that limit, based on the records of the longest-living pigs, it is most likely in the region of 15 years.

Your Guinea pig is at the peak of its life, reaching maturity, which happens to be around six months old. As with any animal, it will soon exhibit clear indications of deterioration. Its energy level may begin to decline drastically by the time it is four or five years old. Your Guinea pig can start to show less interest in playing and exercising. Particularly near the nose and mouth, the fur may begin to turn white or grey. 

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The toes can likely emerge thick and twisted as they begin to curl up from the outside toe toward the inside most excellent toe. Besides a small feral group, domesticated Guinea pigs are no longer seen in the wilderness. However, some owners still allow them to roam freely in a more oversized walled yard. The benefits of giving your pet much-needed room and clean air are evident, but free-roaming Guinea pigs are considerably more vulnerable to predators and illness. 

They are additionally susceptible to inclement weather and low climates. It should only be done if you are confident in your abilities and prepared to take a chance.

The Guinea Pig That Set Record Breaking

A pet called Snowball from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-confined Guinea pig. At 14 years and 10.5 months, he passed away on February 14th, 1979. Although a Guinea pig by the nickname of Bear is said to have lived to be 13 years old as of 2019, other guinea pigs have attempted to surpass this milestone. 

Of course, the difficulties of verifying a pig’s age add to this complexity. You must confirm the pig’s conception to be eligible for the title.

What Impacts Your Guinea Pig’s Longevity

Genes are among the main determinants of your pig’s well-being and overall well-being. Numerous health disorders can be transmitted from parent to offspring, similar to what is true for any other species, even humans. A breeder may significantly impact your pet’s well-being in this situation. Breeders of the highest caliber will only select from the most outstanding stock. 

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When pigs have severe inheritable health issues, breeders will not allow them to reproduce. Many tests are conducted to guarantee that their pigs are fit and disease-free.

Now is the time to choose what is best for your guinea pigs to keep them healthy and live longer. Good thing gordotheguinea will help you in achieving that goal. 


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