The Effective Ways of Running an Evangelical Ministry

You cannot fly without a plane or move into a house still under construction. It’s the same with an evangelical church; you cannot launch it unless ready. However, most people of God with a great calling and love for God launch their ministry with fire, but it dies out after some time.

On the other hand, other small church groups start humbly, but after some time they blossom amazingly. It’s the zeal that leads to the birth of a ministry but good leadership skill from seminarios cristianos, good planning, and prayer sustain an evangelical ministry 

Effective Ways of Running a Ministry

Dedicate yourself to the ministry

A ministry that strives for excellence plans to succeed. Regardless of the role you hold in the church, know the Lord has entrusted you with a specific assignment that cannot be revoked (Romans 11:29). Therefore, you’re accountable for how you work, which requires a commitment to excel, ministry, and a dedication to achieving success.

When you face the Judgment Seat of Christ, it will be in the context of your calling, not your actions, intentions, or regrets. This applies to all members of Christ’s Body, not just those in the fivefold ministry. Once you commit wholeheartedly to God, fulfilling your calling will become the most exciting and fulfilling endeavor you have ever embarked on. While God has provided you with the power, weapons, and equipment to fulfill your calling. You must decide to be dedicated to your calling and pursue and maintain excellence in your ministry

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Be Holy Spirit Led 

Achieving excellence in life and ministry requires following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. While the human mind tends to rely on its plans, this approach is prone to failure. However, as God has called individuals to specific ministries, He is committed to leading them toward excellence, success, and a fulfilling life they could not have imagined alone. For this reason, the Holy Spirit has been given as a guide, instructor, and supporter, helping individuals to stay on the path to excellence.

When establishing a ministry, it is vital to dedicate at least an hour daily to praying in tongues, especially before preaching or ministering. Furthermore, learning to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit within oneself is essential. Doing so will enable individuals to tackle any challenge they encounter with the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Since ministry often involves addressing people’s needs, the Holy Spirit’s guidance is essential as individuals will likely encounter situations that only His wisdom can handle.

Cut the Worldly Living

To achieve excellence in your ministry, first, cultivate an excellent spirit in every area of your life. This includes how you conduct yourself and how you carry out the operations of your ministry. The behavior of those working with you also matters because water and oil don’t mix. Whether at church, home or in a secular field, strive to live in a way that pleases God. As a pastor, you must lead by example and demand excellence from yourself before you can expect it from others. 

The same principle applies in a secular business setting. To live and align yourself to Godly ways, you must remove all worldly influences from your life and allow the Word of God to guide you. This means prioritizing the Word of God above all else and eliminating negative thoughts and behaviors from your life. By doing so, you will create an environment of excellence in your ministry and lead by example.

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Spend Time Fasting

to stay connected to the Holy Spirit in your ministry, set aside time for fasting. Fasting is not manipulating God into doing what we want, but a channel to tune out the distractions of the flesh and tune in to what God is saying. By fasting, we position ourselves to be more spiritually aware and sensitive to God’s leading. 

Seeking God for direction should be a continual practice for anyone desiring excellence in ministry, and fasting can be a valuable tool for receiving guidance in specific situations. It’s important to follow Jesus’ guidelines for fasting, keeping it private rather than seeking to draw attention to oneself. 

Hypocritical piety defeats the purpose of fasting, as the reward for seeking God’s will should come from Him alone rather than from the approval of others. Incorporating fasting into your ministry can help you operate excellently according to God’s plan.


Even after attending a Bible school like seminarios cristianos, you must work out your salvation to run a successful ministry. As mentioned, disconnect yourself from the world, spend time fasting, let the Holy Spirit lead you, and dedicate your life to the ministry for it to excel.

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