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What country to choose when planning a 3-month vacation? Check the list of top destinations worth your attention.

Three-month vacation: the best countries to visit

Three months off! It’s done. You took the time, shredded it free, and now your free time is just around the corner. But where can you spend three months with a lot of fun, excitement, and variety? The world is big, and there are numerous fantastic destinations out there.

Together with guys from Country Helper, we have decided to give you inspiration and show you an insight into a few countries that you may not yet have on your watch for your time out.

There are over 190 countries on our beautiful planet. Admittedly, not all of these countries are the perfect destination. But diversity remains and thus is spoilt for choice. After all, you want to make good use of your time out and experience a lot. So, we have selected several destinations for you to consider.


Losing weight is the order of the day? Or perhaps you want to do more sports? And you also want to go on a trip? Well, perfect! This can be wonderfully combined with a trip to Nepal. You probably won’t spend your entire three months off here, but a few weeks are definitely worth it.

So the highest mountains in the world are waiting for you in Nepal. Even if you don’t want to climb Mount Everest directly in the Himalayas, there are numerous breathtaking hikes and mountain tours throughout the country.

  • Snow-covered mountain peaks, wide views, varied routes, and good mountain air, coupled with the energy of the Buddhist mentality of the locals, make this country so special.
  • Culturally, Nepal, as a small neighbor of India and China, has a lot to offer. Buddhism invites you to immerse yourself in the spirituality of the nuns, llamas, and yogis. Prayer mills turn as the morning mist warps and people start their day. It is also worth implementing the further good intention to finally get up earlier again.
  • The best time to travel is February to mid-April, but also October and November.
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Now it’s off to the Caribbean. How about a trip to Cuba during your 3-month break? The country is constantly changing, feels like taking a step forward and backward. Everyone says the country is changing, and you have to look at it quickly before everything changes.

A trip to Cuba is a journey into the past. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are still hanging in pictures here on every corner. The colorful vintage cars rattle across the streets, and you can watch them enjoying cool mojitos and a good cigar.

  • There is lots of music and dancing here. One makes no sense without the other. Every child learns to dance early here. Everyone is open-minded here: everyone is ready to join the dance with no shyness.
  • Burn out? Getting sick from work? That doesn’t exist, the Cubans believe. Everything has its good and bad sides.
  • You can also ride horses, hike through tobacco plantations and hang out on sandy beaches. But leave your claim to perfection, structure, and regulations at home because you won’t get far with that in this exciting country.
  • Best time to travel: January to April, but also November and December.


Europe is full of exciting places to visit, and Sweden is one of them. Lots of sun, warmth, nice people, a lot to experience… How about a road trip to Sweden?

  • Sweden is an excellent choice for you if you have a camper’s heart: it will overwhelm you with its natural beauty.
  • You will get to know the home of Astrid Lindgren and see what the lives of the protagonists look like in her books. Wooden houses, lonely lakes, wide forests, and small villages: no wonder children from her stories grew up so relaxed and happy.
  • Best travel time: June to August – or even in winter if you prefer to ski.
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Of course, many countries consider themselves first-class travel destinations for a break in the summer. Iceland, Spain, and Croatia are beautiful countries in all directions, but we wanted to give you a little inspiration. And that’s why Estonia is on the table here.

Maybe your 3-month break will simply take you through Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia to Estonia. Estonia is incredible! Even though the last traces of the Soviet occupation still show up here, this small country is incredibly innovative and inspiring.

  • Did you know that in Estonia, the IT infrastructure is the best in the world? The country is digital through. No Estonian has to attend an office just because he needs a new identity card. Tax return? It takes a matter of five minutes because all information is in one portal and only needs to be checked and sent briefly. If you ask for a Wifi password in extremely cozy cafes, you will be looked at strangely. The right to the Internet is enshrined in the fundamental rights of Estonians, so there are no passwords here. But the Internet is in every corner.
  • In Estonia, nice people, and varied landscapes full of lakes, rocky beaches, and wide forests invite you. In Tallinn, you can experience history, stroll through the dreamlike old town and spend your time in the hipster cafés. Delicious food is everywhere. And if you get bored, take the ferry and go straight to Helsinki for even more variety.
  • Best time to travel: July to August because these are the warmest and the longest days.

Hopefully, you have found something interesting in our rating. Enjoy your adventures!

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