CenturyLink Internet Review 2022

CenturyLink Internet Review

Producing an honest review for one of the country’s finest internet service providers CenturyLink is more than just a challenge. CenturyLink Internet is Americans’ choice for a high-quality and seamless internet connection. With its service coverage over 36 states of the country this internet service provider has now owned one of the largest DSL and fiber-optic network in the United States. 

Covering all the good and bad about this internet service provider in one blog is not a piece of cake. But for you, we will surely make it happen here today. Since we all know that the name of this internet service provider is now a household name in the country. Why? Because CenturyLink has made it possible for users across the country to get high-speed internet connections for their homes at different price tags.

Whether we talk about blazing internet speed, reasonable price tags, free of contracts internet plans, consistent quality, up to the mark customer support services that rapidly respond round the clock, or other key aspects CenturyLink will always come up with something exceptional. 

Therefore we have tried to create a thorough review for you so you can have a comprehensive overview of this amazing internet service provider. So, whether you are already a subscriber of CenturyLink or interested to try the incredible services of this ISP you have landed on the right spot.  

So, without any further due let’s dive into the blog to explore what stands CenturyLink stands out from the rest in the internet service providers industry of the United States. 

CenturyLink – A Brief Overview 

CenturyLink was established in 1930 in Louisiana with the name of the Oak Ridge Telephone Company. From the very beginning, the company has achieved a tremendous amount of success in the country. The incredible growth it has shown across its journey is marked by rebranding, acquisitions, and merger episodes. 

The recent rebranding by CenturyLink in 2020 was to present Lumen Technologies to the USA market. It stays with Lumen by strongly maintaining CenturyLink legacy of being the most trustworthy brand for small business and residential customers in the country via delivering seamless internet services through fiber and conventional networks.    

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Network Coverage of CenturyLink 

Another key contributor to the significant growth of this ISP is its network coverage across the landscape of the country. The internet service provider owns one of the broadly spread internet service networks across the United States of America. Utilizing modern and conventional communication technologies CenturyLink is delivering blazing internet connections to households and small-scale businesses of the USA in its footprint. 

Only for the DSL internet network, the ISP has captured a customer market of around 49 million users which has turned it into the country’s third-largest internet service provider. However, the ISP is investing intensively to expand its fiber network with a mission to reach out to maximum locations in the United States for delivering fiber-based internet connections to households. 

We have also added names of the locations where you can access the services of this internet service provider. However, largely it has network coverage in Arizona, Colorado, and DC. Moreover, CenturyLink does not only serve customers in the urban part of the country but has also set a good reputation amongst its rural subscribers.

Reasonable Pricing Strategy of CenturyLink 

CenturyLink promotes affordability when it comes to delivering internet services. No matter which speed tier and type of internet connection you go for you will always witness comparatively low prices than other ISPs in your area. It prefers to sell its internet services, plans, or packages at actual prices instead of promotional prices. 

Moreover, the monthly fee it charges for the fastest DSL or Fiber-based internet service is also relatively low than competitors in the US market. Plus, it does not ask customers to get into an annual contract nor does it charges any fee for quitting or switching any of its services. 

Furthermore, if we talk about hidden charges you won’t find any at CenturyLink. However, you may need to pay a couple of additional charges for a different account such as government taxes, one-time installation fee, the monthly rental fee for the wireless modem, one-time charges for activating services, and some other standard charges apart from the monthly fee. 

We all know that all these are as per industry standard and you have to bear along with your internet service charges every month. Such additional charges are quite justifying and most of these are needed to pay only once. 

CenturyLink Internet Plans

Here is what you will get in CenturyLink Internet Plans:

Plans – CenturyLink Internet 15 Mbps

Download Speeds – Up to 15 Mbps

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Data Caps – Unlimited

Plans – CenturyLink Internet 20 Mbps

Download Speeds – Up to 20 Mbps

Data Caps – Unlimited

Plans – CenturyLink Internet 40 Mbps – 80 Mbps

Download Speeds – Up to 40-80 Mbps

Data Caps – Unlimited

Plans – CenturyLink Internet 100 Mbps

Download Speeds – Up to 100 Mbps

Data Caps – Unlimited

Plans – CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit 

Download Speeds – Up to 940 Mbps

Data Caps – Unlimited

All these internet plans offer you the fastest internet service however you need to make sure the availability of your desired internet plan from the house of CenturyLink in your area. But whatever internet plan you go for one thing you will have for sure is unlimited data. So, you don’t need to worry about data outages or excessive monthly internet bills at all. 

Moreover, if you go for buying your own devices such as a wireless modem you can also make further savings on your monthly internet service bill. Isn’t it great? Of course, is it. We would like to remind you of one of the fundamental aspects that you should consider while picking up any internet plan. Wondering what was it? You must be. 

Before rushing to get your hands on any of the aforementioned internet plans you need to think wisely about the need of your household internet. You can simply start by examining the daily consumption of internet data at your home. We would like to advise you to count on every smart device at your home, and the number of users in your household that you opt to connect with your CenturyLink internet connection. 

Thus you will surely get the most suitable internet plan that lasts for the longest time serving your and your household’s internet needs. 

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, you have now learned why this internet service provider has renowned to almost every household in the United States of America and what it has done to achieve outstanding growth since its inception. Whether you need freedom from annual contracts and hidden charges or looking for a reliable and fastest internet connection for your home at a reasonable price Fiber optic and DSL-based internet connections from the house of CenturyLink can be your right stop.

You can also check out the latest updates, availability in your area, and price tags of any CenturyLink internet plan at BuyTVInternetPhone just by using your area’s zip code.

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