Why Do You Need an AS400 Disaster Backup?

Disaster Recovery

A business’s data is very critical and mostly confidential. Protecting this data may require one to take extra precautions to ensure a company’s continuity and maintain its reputation in case of a disaster. Most companies feel safe when they acquire the AS400 system as it can store large amounts of data but it is not prone to accidents thus the need for data backup and recovery from a reliable cloud provider. An venture debt, therefore, simply strengthens the AS 400 by ensuring a reliable data backup system and disaster recovery solutions that are suitable for a company or business and their data.

Some of the reasons you may need an AS400 disaster backup are:

1.To minimize recovery time

When there happens to be a disaster within a business there is a kind of standstill. It is helter-skelter as every person works extra to ensure they retrieve or save something for the business. It becomes much more difficult when all the data is lost. This means all the clients’ data and progress of work or projects. With a data recovery plan and a backup preinstalled for the AS400, then the blow is softer as the data is recoverable, hence the time taken for the company to get back on its feet is lessened greatly.

2.To avoid great loss

It is one thing when a company loses physical items but when there is a loss of data the loss is much greater and may even cripple the company. The transactions of a business with their clients are mostly secure in the company’s server so is their clients’ information and these need protecting with a good backup and disaster recovery solution. 

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3.To protect the company’s brand

When a company’s digital data is lost and that information reaches the public, its brand is automatically tarnished. This means their clients and even the public loses confidence in the company and this can be very difficult to restore. With a good backup and data recovery management system your data is restored very fast in case of a disaster.

4.For reliability and flexibility

With a reliable backup and data recovery management system, a business can be confident in their operations and even in the security of their client’s information. Having a flexible provider of backup and data recovery you can access your information at all times and wherever you are. In case data is lost in the primary server then all the other off-site backups can restore the lost data within a short time

5.To reduce downtime

The uptime of businesses that depend on AS400 is maximized through AS400 Disaster Backup by reducing the time needed to deploy data to new locations.


For assurance on the security of your business’s data, a good AS400 Disaster Backup is necessary. This inspires confidence even while taking in new clients as you can give your assurances on the security of your company’s data system.

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