Have Issues With The Water Purifier? Call the Toll Free Number to Lodge Your Complaint

The customer support service of any company’s stands for its reputation. If customers have chosen you for their appliances’ partner, it’s the company’s duty to provide a smooth, hassle-free and consistent after sales services.

Reports say, when customers go for buying a water purifier from reputed brands like Aquaguard, they expect timely responses of their queries and issues and personalized solutions for those. Customers these days expect more for the money they spent on any appliance or service.

So let’s take a look at the common things that customers receive by calling the Aquaguard toll free number

Personalized Service

Customers, who have invested in a water purifier sold by your company, always look for a fast response to their queries or complaints. They want their experience to be personalized. Reports say that as many as 61 percents of the people felt they were treated like case numbers rather than people when asked for customer support. However, Aquaguard respects its customers’ demand and issues, hence treat those as individual and resolve more than 60 percent of their complaints. The company promises to deliver both speedy and personalization service for issues regarding water purifier.

Skipping automatic voice response

Every customer who has ever lodged a complaint is very well aware of the automatic voice response systems that speak out once called in the toll-free customer support number. No wonder that the mechanical voice is frustrating to the customers as they have no one to complain about their water filter issues in the first place. And studies have shown that as many as 98 percents of customers skip those initial minutes when of the automatic voice response systems speak. At Aquaguard, the automatic voice response system has been used at a minimum, and most of the times attended by live people

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Zero Repeat

Water purifiers and water filters are appliances that need regular servicing and repairs. And that is the reason why those appliances are registered to the most for AMC. Also, those appliances are an inevitable part of daily life, so once a complaint has been launched, the customer support provider should always hear that on the first place and provide necessary services so that the customers do not have to repeat the query. Customers expect consistent and thorough service, which are addressed by real-time people and not a chatbot.

Once brands like Aquaguard have delivered the desired customer service, they receive two important things- word of mouth and repeat purchases. If you have provided a smooth after sell service when customers made a call on your toll-free customer service number, they would definitely choose to spend more on your products. Plus, their good experience extends to their acquaintances, and companies are recommended afterward

So, are you meeting the expectations of your customers? Selling a water purifier do not end there, in fact, customers these days want more than just pure water from your company. Are you hearing those? They rely on the after-sale services and customer support benefits.

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