Perfectly Designed Media walls that suit your events needs

Perfectly Designed Media walls that suit your events needs

Every time you have a publicity event, always take into consideration of having attractive media walls. If you want to give it, some attention and publicity have the best photo magnets walls that will circle rounds viral news on the internet. Just look up at any successful sportsperson or online celebrities that achieved tremendous recognition, have a close look at their pictures, one thing you will notice is that they are always standing in front of well-designed Media walls. From charity events, press release, public events, organization events, to movie releases, media walls are the greatest attention grabber from the public.

When to use media walls

Generally, media walls come in so many designs. If you are looking for elegant designs, please contact Wild Cow Visual, pitch your idea to us, and we will design the best media walls that you will ever see.

For Events

We design classic media walls for those launching events that highly rely on good publicity and community participation, e.g., galas, charities, and fundraising events. Just like in the movie premiers, Wild Cow Visual Media walls for events are there to help you plan your event and make celebrations more memorable and recognizable.

For Sponsor

If you are planning to hold a sponsoring occasion, media walls can provide you with a spotlight that will trigger the minds of donors and generous investors. They can help one to showcase ideas without being too pushy to the public. Media walls provide a good platform for sponsors as they display the perfect picture that blends with the rest of the event.

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For the Brand

Are you launching a new product or service from your brand? Do you plan to celebrate your brand product anniversary? Well, Media walls for brands present a centric image that perfectly helps to expose your brand to the Public. Brand media walls can be printed together with your logo for more clarity and capture of public attention.

Media Walls ideas to use when selecting the perfect design

Straightline Media Wall

Straightline media walls are quite affordable and come in different sizes. In most designs, these media walls come built with strong, simple, and lightweight wrinkle resistant fabric graphic prints that last longer. They can be easily set up around 10 minutes without supplicated tools and comes in different sizes of small, medium, and large.

Custom designed Media walls

Depending on your event environment or application purpose, you can choose to have custom made media walls that perfectly matches with your event goals and vision. At Wild Cow visual, you can pitch your custom ideas to us, and the right professionals will design perfect custom-made media walls for you.

Curved Media walls

For those who want to represent iconic presentations, curved media walls are a perfect deal. These media walls can be used as photography backdrops for red carpets, trade stands, branded events, school formals, speaker backdrops, and conferences. Graphics and logos are normally printed on an eco-friendly and seamless fabric print material that clearly describes and reflects your image prints.

Benefits of Media walls for businesses and Organizations

  • They help to generate positive buzz as they promote brand awareness.
  • Helps to increase businesses customer engagement.
  • Extend the event’s overall publicity far beyond the venue.
  • They help to heighten public interests in your events by displaying updated media content.
  • Helps businesses and organizations to launch Killer campaigns.
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