4 popular online games

Although the days of board games aren’t nearly done, the game industry has seen a major boost when the online world found its way to introduce itself. There are two general opinions on online gaming: you either love it or you hate it. For the people who don’t love online gaming, we want to list four popular online games that you might already be familiar with, or that might change your view on online gaming. 

  • Flappy Bird

There are lot of different sorts of online games: some are incredibly complicated, others are the exact opposite. A great example of a very simple game is Flappy Bird. You’re probably familiar with this game, as it went completely viral as a mobile application in 2013. The purpose of Flappy Bird is to fly a bird as far as possible, without touching the green pipes. The only thing you have to do is press one button, as this will make your bird fly. Nowadays, there are still a lot of variants of Flappy Bird available online, that make for a great, simple piece of joy. 

  • GTA

A much more complicated game is GTA. This game has multiple storylines that you can follow, but you don’t have to as there’s also a lot of exploring you can do. GTA is a racing game combined with a shooting game: the purpose of the game is to make money. You decide yourself how you want to do this, but many players choose the crime route. You can spend the money you make on GTA how you want as well: whether it’s buying weapons, cars or property, you have total control over this. GTA is very popular, as it provides you with the possibility to play online as well. You can actually talk to the other players of this game, making it very interactive. 

  • Sports betting

Do you want to make actual money instead of earning money for your virtual character? Sports betting might have just what you’re looking for! To participate in sports betting, you will have to put actual money on the line too. You place a bet on a football, rugby or tennis game, or any other sport. The amount of money you can win, will immediately show. By combining your money with a casino promo code, you can win yourself a nice amount of money. However, we have to point out that the possibility of losing also exists. 

  • Among Us

Back to something less serious: the purpose in Among Us is to unmask the imposter on a spaceship. This game is incredibly fun to play with friends, as you’ll have one betrayer in the middle of you. The imposter’s goal is to kill the players, but they can report bodies and try to vote out the imposter. If they do this successfully, the team wins. But, if they don’t, the imposter wins the game. This game has picked up a lot of popularity within lockdown time, as people had to find some form of entertainment from home. Among Us managed to connect people, which was exactly what we needed during this time of lockdown.

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