How to choose your dining room chairs?

How to choose your dining room chairs?

The dining room chairs are an integral part of the decor of the room. Comfortable, design, colorful or more sober, mismatched or united, they are carefully selected to bring the final touch to the decor of the dining room. Our advice to make the right choice.

Dining room chairs: with high or low backrest?

If you regularly use your dining room and/or you receive a lot, the comfort of the chairs becomes a paramount criterion. The first element to take into account, the height of the file, explains, interior designer and decorator in Lyon: “The higher the backrest, the more comfortable the seat, but the high back also brings a more classic side to decor”. Conversely, chairs with a low back are less comfortable but more modern and contemporary: they give a more refined style to the dining room. “Chairs high or low, the customer must also choose according to the surface of the dining room, chained, manager of the store in a small room, if the file is too high,

Dining room chairs: always more comfort

To be comfortable, the height of the seat also comes into play. With a standard 75 cm height table, the ideal sitting height is around 45 cm, but it is very subjective and also depends on the person size: if you are very tall, you will feel more comfortable on a chair with a seat height of 42 or 43 cm. The board? If you buy your chairs at the same time as your table, take the time to test them in store to check their ergonomics. “To further increase comfort, we can also opt for chairs with armrests, you put less around the table because they are wider but comfort side, and you will be like in an armchair.   

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What material for my dining room chairs?

The material of manufacture will play on comfort but also on the price and the design. Quilted or upholstered leather chairs will be very comfortable but should be avoided if you have children (tasks difficult to remove) or even cats that can easily scratch the leather. To minimize maintenance, it is better to decide for plastic chairs, wood or metal, possibly covered with patties to make them less rigid. Among the trendy materials, “leatherette chairs that are attractive but are less expensive and are easier to maintain than leather chairs.” Also, think about the microfiber chairs: they are ideal if you have children because they are very easy to clean. ”

What style for my dining chairs?

Generally, they will be harmonized with the table of the dining room but also with the decoration of the room. After all is a story of taste, “Even if contemporary chairs can perfectly marry with a table of style, it is necessary to respect the color codes of the room for a beautiful harmony”. Straight, high, square, rectangular, round, transparent shapes or not… Check this world best online store for the latest design of dining chairs and a lot more.  If you go on 4 or 6 similar chairs, they will blend into the decor and create a nice uniformity in the room. “Now we are also asked for a lot of mismatched chairs “You can easily mix chairs of different colors, sizes or materials. And yellow or yellow and green, for example, and that the materials respond well. For example, it is fashionable to marry wood and metal to create an industrial atmosphere. 

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Finally, the style side, the foot of the chair will also largely participate in its design: among the current decorative trends, we see many fairly classic chairs that focus on much worked feet with for example steel sled legs (forming like an S), feet ‘sledge’…

What budget for my dining chairs?

The budget is also a decisive element to take into account: there are chairs in supermarkets from 50 AUS but prices can quickly climb as soon as you choose a brand chair, worked in beautiful materials (solid wood, leather …). Plastic or fabric chairs will be cheaper. “You are going to buy at least 4, or even 6.” For beautiful wooden or leather chairs, you must count at least 200 AUS per unit, which will eventually cost you some chairs. The range may even cost 400 AUS each room: a budget but for an item that will give a lot of character to the dining room.

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