Everyone goes skiing in Bansko

Everyone goes skiing in Bansko

Bansko – the #1 international winter resort in the Balkans

When we talk about a variety of winter activities, beautiful nature and a fair ratio between price and quality, Bansko is a town that definitely has a lot to offer.  The town is small in size, it is located about 150 kilometers away from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city, but it combines the modern and traditional in a unique way.

Bansko has preserved its old-time appearance from the Revival period to the present day. This spirit and look from the past are reflected mostly in the old part of the town where you can see numerous functioning museum-houses of prominent Bulgarian figures. The old houses with the preserved original furniture, winding streets, squares, and restaurants, will really charm you and remind you of the forgotten atmosphere of life that was happening along these Bulgarian streets in the middle and at the end of the XIX century.

This magic can be really felt in Bansko and every fan of traditions can sense it and will fall in love with this picturesque town. 

Apart from the old houses, monuments, and museums, Bansko is also famous as one of the best winter sports resorts on the Balkans and also in Europe.  The extremely well-organized infrastructure of the town and its good location at the foot of one of the most magnificent Bulgarian mountains – Pirin, enable Bansko to show its potential.

The ski runs in the town are with a total length of nearly 70 kilometers, which makes the conditions for ski tourism very favorable. In addition, there are also modern ski facilities here, as well as a newly built cabin lift. The ski runs are of different difficulty, allowing both inexperienced and advanced skiers to enjoy the ski experience. There are nearly 250 snow machines, machines for artificial snow, which cover about 90% of all slopes, so the perfect conditions for active winter tourism are guaranteed until the end of April.

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The lifts have been upgraded and along with the gondola, their length is nearly 22 kilometers, as they provide quick access to various routes, covering all levels of difficulties. You can reach the highest ski run in Bulgaria (Platoto, 2,600 meters) which is located under Todorka peak (2,746 meters) using the four-seated chair lift, and from there you can go down to Banderishka Polyana, which is a top attraction in the town all year round, as the gondola end there.

The ski route is nearly 16 kilometers and is suitable both for beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. As we mentioned there are machines for artificial snow in the town that work during the entire season, and also the ski run is extremely well-maintained and illuminated.

All 20 ski runs in Bansko are well-maintained and they cover all levels of difficulty, there are also great free ride opportunities. However, if you are not that experienced skier or snowboarder, we recommend you to choose a ski instructor, as there are many local ski and snowboard instructors in the town who can assist you.

By the way, if you are a passionate snowboarder, there is the so-called snow park in Bansko, which offers the attractive rails and jumping opportunities, so you can enjoy the unique park by the end of January.

Relax in the town of Bansko

For all skiers and snowboarders, it is of the utmost importance to be able to fully enjoy the ski runs and Bansko will definitely meet the expectations of the most demanding guests.

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Apart from the thrill of ski runs, it is also a good idea to find a place where you can relax the best. We can recommend you one of the leading five-star hotels in BanskoLucky Bansko SPA & Relax, a hotel that guarantees a truly luxurious experience. In addition to the cozy atmosphere, the exceptionally polite personnel, the SPA complex will also enchant you, as it offers over 25 modern and well-maintained facilities such as salt room, bio and salt pools, Jacuzzi, shock bath, contrast shower, Finnish sauna, hammam and rasul for individual therapies, ice room and many more.

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