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Elevator Pitches

When you are pitching an idea to an organization, you are not just pitching the idea but you are also presenting yourself as the part of the idea. You need to make sure to create a strong yet humble impression of yourself, don’t let pride get the best of you. It is important for you to understand and appropriately express who you are to them for Elevator Pitches. For instance, if you are pitching an idea for the Drive Scorpion Jacket, you need to tell them the specifications and features of the product in a way that would convince them to buy it.

Here are tips on elevator pitches for tech professionals by 3 experts of the tech industry. Follow these tips and make sure to give them minimum aspects to think about and maximum aspects to appreciate you on for Elevator Pitches. 

1. Concentrate on their needs

When you are pitching an idea to a customer, ensure to take care of their needs and wants. Create an idea that could cater the proper needs of the customers. Give them what they need, quality, prices, convenience and proper service. 

Carl Mazzanti – President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies says;

He explains how retail organizations face immense digital threats nowadays. As per forecasts, the cyber-crime cost is said to increase by $6 trillion by 2021. It is important to ensure the customer and organization’s data confidential and secure all these years. 

Carl says to make the headlines for the right issues. eMazzanti Technologies are experts in handling situations like these. eMazzanti Technologies is an active member of PCI Security Standards Council and is certified in QIR and QISSP, they know how to ensure business information confidentiality and safety of the data of the company as well as the customers. They ensure to get you EMV integrated and to keep the PCI DSS compliant. This would ensure your safe network and monitoring of every move taken place for security purposes.

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2. Promote The Solution

When it comes to the tech field pitching their ideas, ensure that you are pitching the idea and not yourself. The clients are interested in the solution that you bring to the table, not for you to flex on what you can do to make the problem go away. Explain what the client is getting and not what YOU are doing for them. In simple words, brand your solution and your expertise rather than yourself. 

Pam Edwards – Founder Partner at Create My Voice

Pam explains about the work they DO; they say that they write Alexa skills as well as Google Actions for bloggers. This makes them make their blogs present in the form of audio on smart speakers. 

Pam further explains what the clients are getting; They say, they can help their customers in converting written blog posts in audio format. They can put these on to the platforms like Google Action or Alexa Skills.

The secondary pitch is for what the customer is getting includes; They say that they are writing a voice application that would help take the written blog post, fix the mistakes in it and provide it to a smart speaker to read it out loud for anyone who asks for the blog to be heard. 

3. Be Passionate

It is important to be yourself whilst pitching an idea to someone else. It is your enthusiasm and passion that ensures the sale. If you aren’t passionate about what you do and what you are providing to the customers, it would be hard for you to sell it to someone. 

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Alfred Junco – Chungo says to sell your passion or else no one will believe that you can do it in the first place. Even if you are a small company pitching against big organizations, all you need to do it be honest, be yourself, be passionate and sell the right thing. He gives an example of a pitch that he would make which explains be passionate. 

He explains that his company is Chango and they provide personal finance solution with financial literacy. He explains his experience that it helps himself in such situations when he was in debt. He says that he passionate and want to ensure to help people who are facing that problem, so they can avoid it. They explain that they provide a solution that is unbiased and it provides a way for their clients to stay aware and on top of all their finances and financial problems. They help the clients by providing financial information and guidance.

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